A Trainer With A Difference – Residential Training

Hi, I’m Jo Sault. I will show you how to change your dog’s behaviour without the use of food, toys, reward or fear.

Unlike other sites, every picture that you see here is of my dogs or dogs I have trained.

My Dog Behaviour Training Methods are very different to other dog trainers and I get results, quickly!

Contact me: 07738 484493
8am – 4pm Monday – Friday
8am – 1pm Saturday


Planning a holiday? Why not take your dog along too? Visit Bradgate Park and explore the surrounding forest.

Take two days out of your holiday to work with Jo. She’ll teach you how to handle your dog, combat unwanted behaviours and more. You’ll learn a host of new skills while bonding with your pet.

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“Jo knows and understands dogs like nobody else! Whether your dog needs just a few gentle pointers or a fully immersive training programme, Jo can do it all and with great results. I have first-hand experience of working with her and am so glad I did as I now have a very happy and well-behaved dog. I’d recommend Jo to every new dog owner!”

Matthew Williamson – Creative Director.

Dog Whisperer Leicester was founded by Jo Sault, B.Sc who is an expert Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer.

Being trained by Jo will help your dog fulfil his true potential.  Jo offers a range of training packages, all tailor made to your dog.

Is your dog nervous, anxious or aggressive?

Are you at your wit’s end?

Call Jo now! She and her wonderful, calm pack will help transform your dog in no time! Check out her feedback – all 5 star rated!!

Her calm assertive leadership and welcoming home create the perfect environment to train your beloved pet.

There are no kennels in sight – your dog becomes part of the family with residential training.

In a lovely location (near Bradgate Country Park) with lots of outdoor space, your dog will be welcomed into the pack.

Rottweiler lying down
Zac, aka ‘Daddy!’

Jo has help from her own well-balanced pack. She even has her own ‘Daddy!’, (a gentle giant, very well mannered) Rottweiler called Zac.

Zac joins Jo and the rest of her pack as they rehabilitate anxious, nervous, aggressive dogs and teach them their role as a follower, not a leader.

My life is dedicated to the welfare of dogs. My insight into the canine world comes from years of dog training and dog ownership, allowing me to target key problem areas such as anxiety, aggression, recall and walking to heel. I teach your dog to respect you again, to think of himself as a follower.

    Pulling on the lead? Aggression towards dogs? Aggression towards people? Separation Anxiety? Problem barking? Lack of manners? Just won’t listen?

Call me on 07738 484493
8am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8am – 1pm Saturday

    However bad you think the problem is, I have dealt with it before and I know exactly how to help.

I offer key services including one-on-one training, socialisation, and my speciality, residential boarding.

Unlike other trainers, I include one-on-one time with owners in all my residential packages. This allows you to see the wonderful progress that your dog is making whilst teaching you the right way to correct your dog, and more importantly, at the right time. Often owners are amazed at what we have accomplished in such a short time. I find this a great way of establishing you as a pack leader in the eyes of your dog. I also spend time with you during collection of your dog, which can be done at my training centre or at your home.  Please see the residential training link for more.

I have built up a fantastic reputation over the years, which I am very proud of, helping countless owners with difficult and aggressive dogs, which on many occasions, their owners were on the verge of re-homing.

Much of my work is through referrals. Check out my testimonials page for more reviews and feedback.

Every situation is unique and I help to train and rehabilitate 100s of dogs (and their owners) every year! I am passionate about each individual dog that I see and I have a deep understanding for problem dogs and their psychology and behaviour.

I also have a sound knowledge of canine nutrition – the food your dog eats has a massive impact on their behaviour.


4 dogs training in the park
Zac, Abba, Buzz and George!

I own and have previously owned a number of different breeds of dogs! My current pack includes Zac – a six and a half-year-old Rottweiler (my daddy!!), Abba – a seven-year-old German Shepherd, Buzz – a one and a half old Boxer and George – my four-year-old Bull Mastiff. I also owned two Boxers who are no longer with us, Dylan and Jade. Their pictures are still included here, and they are missed every day.

Every picture on this website is of my dogs or dogs that I have trained. Click here to view the Rogue’s Gallery!

Every dog is unique! I have a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience with many breeds, and their characteristics! This is vital, in understanding how to manage and modify a dogs behaviour!

Whether you need help with your Collie, Golden Retriever, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any other breed, I will work with you in the ENVIRONMENT where the problem exists. That may be at home, out on a walk, in your car etc. Being involved with your dog’s training can help you to rebuild a new and more fulfilling relationship with your dog!


  • Behavioural Counselling/Modification.
  • Live in Residential Dog Training.
  • Home Visits – to help you with your dogs Behaviour Issues.
  • One to One Training to help with Behavioural Issues.
  • One to One Obedience Training.
  • Rescue Dog Training.
  • Puppy Training. 


If your dog is possessive over sofas and beds, or lacks manners at meal times, I can help. I regularly train animals with these issues, with a high degree of success.

If your dog is possessive over beds, we can help
If your dog is possessive over beds, we can help


Does your dog have no manners at meal times? We can help
Does your dog have no manners at meal times? We can help.


We can help with sofa possession too.
We can help with sofa possession too.

LOCATION – Leicester LE7

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A beautiful place to train

We are located in the village of Cropston near Bradgate Country Park in Leicestershire, within a few miles of the M42 and M1 motorway (between Leicester and Loughborough). For full address please contact me.

My home has a secure training paddock and extensive gardens in which your dog will become part of the pack and part of the family.

Bradgate Park is over 830 acres of land and includes free roaming deer. Your dog will get plenty of socialisation with distractions here, and have lots of fun too.

Click here to see pictures of us training in our secure paddock, and out on the park.


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