Dog training with a real difference

With the right intervention anything is possible.

One Day Owner and Dog Intensive Training Courses offer a fantastic alternative to Residential dog training from an expert dog trainer and behaviourist

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Dog training with a real difference

With the right intervention anything is possible. 

Two Day Owner and Dog Intensive Training Courses offer a fantastic alternative to Residential dog training from an expert dog trainer and behaviourist


What services does Jo offer?

Being trained by Jo will help your dog fulfil his true potential.
Jo offers a range of training packages, all tailor made to your dog.

Intensive one day training courses

You and your dog can spend one day in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside on an intensive training course with Jo and her well balanced pack

Residential Training

Our Residential Dog Training, based in Leicestershire, differs to the Dog Boot Camps that you have seen on TV! As we don’t require the owners to be present during the training!

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One on one sessions

I offer professional behavioural training and advice in your own home, normally only one home visit is needed (typically 1.5 hours duration) or here at my training school. Many issues can be resolved in as little as one to two sessions.

Socialisation Walks

Socialisation is very important. If a dog is properly socialised as a puppy, many behavioural problems can be avoided. Lack of socialisation often leads to anxiety or worse, aggression.

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“Jo knows and understands dogs like nobody else! Whether your dog needs just a few gentle pointers or a fully immersive training programme, Jo can do it all and with great results. I have first-hand experience of working with her and am so glad I did as I now have a very happy and well-behaved dog. I’d recommend Jo to every new dog owner!” Matthew Williamson – Creative Director.

Meet Jo and her pack

Being trained by Jo will help your dog fulfil his true potential.

I am a Dog Behaviourist and trainer, based in Leicestershire, offering dog behaviour courses, for any dog, but I specialise in working with aggressive and anxious dogs.

I also offer basic dog training. I have a wealth of experience with many different breeds and I own and have previously owned a number of different breeds of dogs!

My current pack includes Buzz & Amber my Boxers and Harry and Ida my Rottweilers.

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Healthy, balanced dogs require a strong Pack Leader!

I have a lifetime of experience of living and working with a pack of dogs – many different breeds, shapes and sizes! I deal with dog psychology on a daily basis I have observed my own pack of dogs for many years – in the pack there are only two main roles – LEADER OR FOLLOWER!

If you don’t become your dogs Pack Leader – he will assume this role and try to control and dominate you!

A dog will accept a human as his pack leader if that human projects calm, assertive energy and sets solid rules, boundaries and limitations.

In a dogs world, receiving only affection upsets his balance.

I can help you gain the skills required to develop your relationship with your dog through greatly enhanced obedience skills, once learnt, these skills will last a lifetime.

Dealing with Red Zone Aggression

I’ve heard the word red zone on tv, what does it mean ?

Red is synonymous with danger and aggression, and that is what it symbolises here. If you have a red zone dog, you most certainly don’t need a definition. You already know.

Your dog might have aggression issues that manifest toward other dogs, or even people! Many of my clients with red zone dogs have seen me as their last hope. By understanding the psychology of dogs, I am able to pinpoint what needs adjustment.

It is important to learn how to time corrections, to stop your dog from escalating into a ‘red zone’. Dogs, like humans, stop listening when in a state of aggression. The key is to stop them from getting there in the first place. I will show you how to do this during my training courses. Most of the dogs that I deal with have aggression issues.

Dog Bereavement Service

A message to anyone suffering due to the loss of their loved animal companion

I’ve lived with dogs all of my life and worked with dogs most of my adult life, as a dog behaviourist and trainer.  I’ve helped thousands of dog owners and their pets over the years. 

After suffering the loss of Zac, my best friend and companion of 11 years and feeling that I had no one to turn to for support.  I decided to study for a diploma in Pet Bereavement Counselling.  (Passed with Distinction )

I felt that I wanted to offer another service for people who felt the same way as I did.  I truly know how hard it is losing a member of your family, my dogs are like children to me.  

I understand how many years your pet has been in your life, the care that you have given and the time spent with them. The bond you have developed and how much your companion relies on you.  

So when the time comes for you to say goodbye, I know how hard that can be and that we experience grief, as we would for a person.  

This is normal and it’s ok to feel that way.  

I’m aware that some people don’t understand how big a loss it is losing a pet.  People will say, oh it’s only a dog or a cat.  A survey by Animal Friends Pet Insurance found that half of pet owners, felt the same level of sadness as losing a relative. 

As an animal lover and pet owner, I am well equipped to empathise with you.  I think that there is still a stigma around grieving for pets and it’s so difficult to find like minded people who can listen and understand.  

I know through experience that sometimes you have no one to turn to, who actually understands how you are feeling and what you are going through.  You feel like everyone else has got over the loss but you.  

Even if it’s a one hour session just to chat I am here and happy to listen. I also offer blocks of 3 sessions, as quite often one hour isn’t enough time to work through the grief and learn of ways to cope with it long term.  We try and make these sessions weekly at the same time.  

Feel free to message or call me to arrange a session. 

£25 one hour session payable in advance either by PayPal or bank transfer. 

£70 for 3 one hour sessions. 

I offer telephone consultations, FaceTime and I do see clients face -to-face.

Satisfied Dog Owners

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Gee-Won Park

Jo has been awesome in helping my dog Lottie! She's straight to the point and very easy to talk to! True professional and I'm mad at myself for not going to her sooner! I would recommend her 100%.

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Kate Ward

I really needed help with my dogs issues but I didn't know where to turn. I eventually found Jo and she helped me to make changes both in the home and outside.

Once these changes were implemented, it made all of the difference in the world for both my dog and myself. Jo has a unique approach, she recognises a dogs training needs, what's more my dog listened and reacted in a positive way. I now have a very obedient and happy dog thanks to Jo.

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Jan Smith

If you want results with dog training then Jo is the one who will get you those results. Myself and my husband attended one of Jo's One Day intensive Training Courses. There is no quick fix, but if after visiting Jo, you take on board what she tells you and shows you, and you work on things at home, you will see a change in your dog. This takes time and effort on your part but if you want a well behaved dog its worth the effort. We would not have any hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone who needs help. Jo doesn't just do the job and say there you go I'll leave it with you - no she makes it clear she is always available for advice after the training sessions. Jo knows her job so to speak and after our experience you would go a long way to find anyone better! Thanks Jo. J & T

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Craig Roxburgh

Jo's One Day Intensive Training Course worked wonders for us. we're actually a month into our new regime under Jo's guidance, and having just returned from a weeks holiday to Northumberland with our Lurcher Murphy, I can honestly say we've made more progress with him in this short time than we have in the 4 years that we've had him. When we called Jo, we had already made the heart breaking decision to re home Murphy if this wasn't a success, as his behaviour, anxiety and our ability to trust him were all getting worse each day. We originally wanted Residential Training as we believed nothing could be achieved in 1 day given how long we had the issues, but I can honestly say we were wrong. we're on a journey together and we've got a long way to go no question, but if your like us, you are committed to making changes, and willing ton work hard to achieve something positive, Jo will help you to get there. This is not a quick fix, and it's also not easy, but the rewards are great. We owe Jo a lot and will be ever grateful for the hope that's she's given us and Murphy.

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Maria Tipler

If you want instant changes choose Jo and her amazing pack. Myself and my daughter attended one of Jo's One Day Intensive Training Courses. Jo helped us with our 11 month old German Shepherd Bella who was wild when we first rescued her. Jo showed us how to socialise her and calm her down with corrections. We still have a log way to go but we have a more rounded dog thanks to Jo. Don't waste your time with other dog trainers choose Jo Sault. I can't rate this lovely lady enough. Thank you Jo from Maria and Jess.

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Forbes West

What a difference the first lesson made . He was calmly walking with Jo's dogs ,where as before he was pulling away from other dogs ,very nervous. At the end of first lesson he was lying calmly 2 feet from her dogs . Still a long way to go . Following Jo's instructions we see a difference everyday. Would highly recommend jo as she has made a massive difference to our lab. We travelled down, for one of Jo's One Day Intensive Training courses from Fraserburgh in Scotland. We had discussed Residential Training, but Jo suggested the Two Day Course and we are glad we were guided by her advice.

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Emma Ward

Jo was simply amazing.

I contacted Jo as a last resort, we have two wheaten terriers, Asher who is four and Lottie who is two.

Asher has been a problem since 8 weeks old. We were convinced he was a very anxious dog with behaviour issues, constant attention seeking barking and worst still, biting myself on a regular basis.

We had had a different behaviourist two years ago with a “lifetime guarantee” and quite frankly he was useless and no progress was made.

At the end of our tether and considering rehoming I contacted Jo. In an hour and a half she identified that Asher’s issues were not anxiety at all but dominance, getting his own way and ruling our home and getting away with it for four years.

Jo educated us in just one session how to deal with Asher which to our amazement four weeks on he is like a different dog. We can’t thank Jo enough for what she has done for Asher and us as a family. We now have a calmer life and feel that we can invite friends and family around

If you need Jo's help, reach out today!

Or send Jo a message describing your problem...

Give Jo A Call On

07738 484 493

Based in Cropston, Leicestershire

Working Hours:

8.30am – 4pm Monday – Sunday

The best time to phone Jo is between 7.30am and 8.30am or between 2pm and 5pm.

She will return all emails and voicemails within 24 to 48 hours.

You can trust Jo, a Dog Behaviourist and trainer...

A wealth of experience

Jo has a wealth of experience with many breeds and owns a number of different breed of dogs! Her current pack includes Buzz & Amber, her Boxers and Harry and Ida her Rottweilers.

Every dog is unique!

Every dog is unique! I have a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience with many breeds, and their characteristics! This is vital, in understanding how to manage and modify a dogs behaviour!

Whatever Your Dog

Whether you need help with your Collie, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Cockerpoo, Labradoodle, French Bulldog, Vizla, Doberman, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any other breed, I will work with you

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